How At Home Red Light Therapy Benefits Your Skin, According To A Dermatologist

• 27 November 2023

Dr. Komal Ayah Siddiqi (known as Dr. Ayah on her socials) is an aesthetics doctor, light therapy expert and owner of Harmony Medical situated in London’s renowned Harley Street. As someone who's had a history dealing with severe eczema and acne, she understands the effect disrupted skin concerns can have on your confidence.

In clinic, Dr. Ayah treats everything from acne and rosacea to melasma and hyperpigmentation using the same technology founded by NASA for wound recovery: LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy. And it's not just found in the clinic; “I’ve treated multiple patients with at home devices and they’ve worked significantly,” she explains. “What we find is that at home devices are fantastic at supporting what we do in-clinic, and they really do enhance the results.”

We want to know: does red light therapy help eczema and dermatitis? Can red light reduce hyperpigmentation and melasma? And, what are the benefits of layering LED devices at home? Let's find out.


red light for eczema


Does red light therapy help eczema?

When you're going through a severe eczema flare-up, using ointments or creams to reduce the inflammation might not be enough to relieve your symptoms. During these acute phases, red light therapy can be used to control eczema and dermatitis symptoms. And an added bonus: red light is safe, natural and free of side effects.

One of Dr. Ayah's favourite at home red light therapy devices for eczema, the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, features heavily in her in-clinic rotation. “I’ve used it in my clinic with a lot of my patients, particularly those struggling with inflammatory problems such as mild cases of eczema, dermatitis and an impaired skin barrier.” 

Research has shown that light therapy can effectively relieve itching and other symptoms related to (eczema or dermatitis) inflammation. This actually allows your skin to heal. And although red light therapy can’t make eczema go away forever, it can certainly help relieve the symptoms. “Continual use of this mask really just improves the quality of your skin, as well as healthy skin barrier function.” 


red light therapy eczema before and after


Red light therapy for hyperpigmentation

The best way to tackle an uneven skin tone is to combine near-infrared light with red light therapy for melasma and hyperigmentation. These specific wavelengths have been clinically proven to control tyrosinase activity: the molecule that causes melasma and hyperpigmentation in the skin. 

You may have already experienced light therapy during a HydraFacial or other dermatologist appointment, and found yourself wondering how to prolong results. Dr. Ayah explains that "90% of her patients already treat themselves at home with LED red light therapy devices, which means they don't need to see her a lot!" She jokes, "I'm just there as a bootcamp or an enhancing top up."

If you’re struggling with acne, using an LED red light therapy mask can actually reduce the redness or hyperpigmentation from acne by simply calming the inflammation. We know that the less inflammation there is, the faster acne breakouts heal with minimal to no scarring.


LED light therapy for eczema


Does light therapy help you look younger?

Yes. Dr. Ayah explains that "red light and near-infrared light wavelengths really help to reduce inflammation and create new collagen." For the record, collagen is the protein that makes up the architecture of our skin—making it smoother, more younger looking and firm. And there's something else: our natural ability to produce new collagen starts to decline by 1% each year after (roughly) the age of 25. 

If one of your primary concerns includes reducing (or preventing) fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, Dr. Ayah recommends the CurrentBody Skin LED Lip Perfector. Specifically made to bathe the lips with concentrated wavelengths; near-infrared, red, deep red and amber—all of which accelerate collagen—you can actually plump your lips as well as ironing out wrinkles. All by using light therapy for just 3 minutes! The more focused the LED diodes, the better results you'll see for each area of the face. Which begs the question—where else can I use LED?


red light for eczema


Layering LED red light therapy devices allows you to target certain areas more intensely, similar to a gym workout. If you want to train specific muscles, then you focus on those during your session—the same goes for LED. “Layering allows you to create a custom LED package tailored to your concerns, rather than those of the masses.”

While Dr. Ayah agrees you can use a full LED face mask to get an overall improvement, her personal favourite 'Avenger mask' is the CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector. “The reason I like this product so much is because it works really nicely for me and the results are significant.” This specific device blurs fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and brows, while reducing dark circles and eye bags.


red light therapy for eczema at home


Treat your LED red light therapy mask like a sheet or clay mask—use over clean, dry skin. Dr. Ayah recommends layering with a hydrating serum to maximise the glow-inducing LED benefits, like the CurrentBody Skin Green Tea Serum. Once you've applied a few drops, then you can continue with the rest of your skincare regimen.

“I’ve personally tried and trust these CurrentBody Skin products," says Dr. Ayah. And she's not alone. Skin experts and dermatologists swear by the benefits of CurrentBody Skin LED devices, including NYC double board-certified dermatologist and surgeon, Dr. Belkin. "They are the company that I recommend to my patients (when I want them to do something at home) to help augment the treatments I do for them."

Have you seen the benefits of at home red light therapy yet? If not, now's the perfect time.

Dr. Ayah Aesthetics Doctor
Owner of Harmony Medical in London’s Harley Street, Ayah Siddiqi works as an in-clinic aesthetics doctor. Her many years as an aesthetics doctor has helped her to translate complex concepts into easy to understand language.
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