Best Hair Growth Devices

by Issy Luke

Best Hair Growth Devices

If you’ve started to notice thinning hair and a receding hairline you could start a permanent topical routine or look to the best hair growth devices on the market for more intense results. 

The best hair growth for men and women is now home-based and portable. Today, we’re sharing an overview of the leading technology and our picks for the best hair growth devices from our roster.

Overview of the hair growth tech

The most effective hair growth technology on the market uses low-level lasers or microneedles to stimulate the follicles. And this has been shown to reduce the size of bald patches, enhance thickness and stimulate regrowth.

It’s best to start treating your scalp and hair with laser light or micro-needling as soon as you notice thinning, receding or balding patches. The sooner you begin regrowing hair the better your long-term results will be.

Laser hair regrowth

Most of the best laser hair growth devices are totally hands-free - using a cap or helmet to deliver the laser light right to the follicles. You just wear the device on your head for 6-25 minutes (as directed) while you go about your day.

A full course is 6-12 months of 1 treatment per day, but you usually will notice visible results after 2-3 months. Unlike with topical medications, there are no known side effects when you use laser hair regrowth. 

Microneedling hair regrowth

When using micro-needling, you simply run the device over your scalp so it allows the serum to soak in and the microscopically small needles to stimulate cell turnover. With micro-needling, treatments are even less frequent at only 1-2 times per week. And you’ll notice your hair is thicker, your scalp is healthier and any thinning is reduced in just 60 days.

CapillusUltra Laser Cap for Hair Regrowth

The affordable, entry-level laser hair loss treatment cap is the first of 3 models from Capillus. As an FDA-cleared genetic hair loss treatment for men or women, this cap is easy and comfortable to wear while you go about your activities. And it’s so powerful, treatments take only 6 minutes per day! Regrow your hair and nurture fuller, healthier-looking locks that you’ll notice after just 3 months.

Wearing the cap doesn’t hurt and there are no known side effects unlike with topical creams. Accessorise your way as the hands-free LED cap actually fits under most sports hats so you can express yourself and your style all while doing your daily treatment. It’s way less clunky than most other devices. See fuller, thicker hair in no time with full results in 6 months.

iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System

The iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System is specially designed to combat Androgenetic Alopecia as it promotes hair growth through effective laser light therapy. In just 4 months on daily 20-25 minute treatments, see hair feeling thicker and fuller. Plus, with the compatible audio port, connect your iPod, PlayStation, Xbox or smartphone to play music or game during your safe and non-invasive treatments.

That’s a feature few hair regrowth systems offer. It is hands-free and easy to wear for the best hair growth for men at home. After 6 months, you’ll see more hair and better hair condition as your full results are realised. It’s proven to increase hair growth by 35% in men and 37% in women when used as directed.

BeautyBio Rejuvenating Scalp + Fuller Hair Therapy

Micro-needling is clinically proven to boost the look of hair density by 50%, fortify your hair, rejuvenate your scalp and encourage hair growth. And the FolliGRO™️ complex in the serum refreshes your follicles to remove buildup and help make that hair growth easier.

Don’t worry, the needles are not long enough to actually hurt you. Instead, you’ll feel a tingling as it stimulates your scalp during the treatment. Reverse the effects of hair damage and thinning when you use the wand together with the serum 1-2 times per week on clean, dry or damp hair. Just part, roll, add the serum and repeat for each of the sections that you want to treat.

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