Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device
  • Wellbox® 2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device

2 Slimming & Anti-Ageing Device

Reduce cellulite, stubborn fat and wrinkles easily at home

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        What you need to know:

        • Achieve 71% firmer, more elastic and youthful skin
        • Effective slimming, firming and anti-ageing endermologie technology
        • Reduce thigh circumference by 3.5cm in 4 weeks
        • Personalised beauty treatments: cellulite, slimming, radiance, firmness
        • Targets wrinkles, sagging skin and dullness for a glowing complexion
        • 5 interchangeable treatment heads, 2 for the face and 3 for the body
        • Use 6 minutes daily for results in 4 weeks

        Your new at-home beauty coach

        Wellbox® 2 is the easiest slimming and anti-ageing device on the market.

        It uses a gentle vertical suction (professional endermologie technology) to stimulate the fibroblasts responsible for producing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid—essential for smooth and youthful skin. Compact and intuitive, it features 80+ treatment programmes, virtual coaching and guided programmes controlled via touch screen to make achieving your beauty goals that much easier.

        Wellbox® 2 benefits

        Results from just 6 minutes of daily use on the face and body:

      • Younger looking skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles
      • Redefined facial shape and silhouette
      • Unified, more radiant complexion
      • Smoother dimpling, cellulite is less visible
      • Firmer, plumper and better quality skin

      • 76% of women found that wrinkles around their mouth were visibly reduced in 4 weeks.

        Clinically proven to reduce cellulite by 20% in 4 weeks.

        Wellbox® 2 benefits

        How does Wellbox® 2 work?

        Using different treatment heads, Wellbox® 2 delivers a mechanical massage—16hz suction (16 per second)—on the surface of the skin to stimulate cells in the body.

        Despite a healthy lifestyle, cells that regulate fat storage (adipocytes) slow down as we age. This is when cellulite and stubborn fat can appear.

        The Wellbox® 2 mechanical massage restarts cell metabolism, easily reducing fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise. These micro-massages also activate the cells responsible for producing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (all of which are essential for skin firmness, volume and hydration).

        How does Wellbox® 2 work?
        Your Questions Answered

        Your Questions Answered

        Our in-house Beauty Expert answers your most common Questions.

        You'll start to see visible results after a few weeks of regular use, but it can vary depending on your age and lifestyle factors (sun exposure, smoke, stress, medicine etc). Throughout your sessions, you'll notice that your skin becomes more radiant and rejuvenated, with smoother wrinkles.

        It’s necessary to start with an 'attack phase' 6 minutes per day. Once you're seeing the desired results, 2 to 3 sessions per week will be enough to maintain.

        Expert Advice: Start treatments with a low intensity and increase if necessary, depending on the quality of your skin. Be careful not to work in continuous suction on the inner thighs or arms. The treatments must be pleasant and never painful.

        The Wellbox® 2 is designed for an improved user experience: reduced noise and vibration, optimised hose storage, motorised head cleaning action and filter plugs now available.

        The interactive touch screen is a new feature exclusive to Wellbox® 2, while the [S] model has an LED screen controlled with buttons.

        The Wellbox®2 has 80+ treatment programmes, and the Wellbox®[S] has 26.

        ROLL [1] head with motorised rollers enables larger areas of the body to be treated, such as the thighs, buttocks and stomach. Size of rollers are 30mm, and the tissular grab is 36cm³.

        ROLL [2] is the narrowest of the ROLL heads. It's a powerful tool that targets under the chin. For true relaxation, use the ROLL [2] head on the soles of your feet. The rollers are 15mm, with a tissular grab of 2.5cm³.

        ROLL [3] enables narrow areas of the body to be treated, such as the arms, forearms and even the calves. The roller lock button allows for continuous massage. Size of rollers are 30mm, and the tissular grab is 7cm³.

        LIFT [4] head has a large surface providing a large tissular grab, giving your complexion a youthful look and glow. This head is especially adapted to the larger areas of the face such as the cheeks, forehead or even the neck.

        LIFT [5] treats the more delicate parts of the face. Its small tissular grab of 1 cm³ enables for eye and lip contour treatment.

        Although not required, it is recommended. Thanks to their specific action, the Wellbox body treatment heads reactivate the natural elimination of fat. Once dislodged, a complementary physical activity will help to eliminate it more efficiently.

        No, the treatment is very pleasant. The settings are customised depending on skin sensitivity. After the first few minutes, you can feel a “cellular awakening” and the acceleration of blood circulation. The skin is re-oxygenated and a feeling of wellbeing sets in.

        Endermologie is a lipomassage technique more commonly known as LPG. It consists of improving the areas with accumulated fat by stimulating the circulation and reducing the adipose tissue. LPG endermologie is an FDA-approved massage system proven by more than 85 clinical and scientific studies to be one of the world’s most effective cellulite treatments.

        Using gentle massage and suction action, the treatment helps break down the fat cells that, in effect, cause the appearance of cellulite. By using the massage technique, the dormant cells rise to the top. The cells are then eliminated by the mechanical massage and suction which are broken down and drained into the lymphatic system. Each treatment continuously stimulates the dormant cells to encourage new, firm, strong cells to form.

        Yes, endermologie technology helps stimulate circulatory exchanges for eliminating excess water.

        It’s been scientifically proven that endermologie can naturally release localised and resistant fat with the additional benefit of reshaping curves, eliminating cellulite and firming the skin. Painless and without any side effects, endermologie stands out as the solution of choice in cases where liposuction is not recommended, such as circulatory disorders and insufficient volume.

        Endermologie can also be used alongside liposuction to optimise the results. Speak to your aesthetics consultant for a comprehensive review to determine the best approach to adopt.

        Made in France, Valence

        Product Dimensions: L 35cm x W 30cm x H 25cm

        Product Weight: 7.5kg

        Product Dimensions In Packing: 41cm x 36.5cm x 39cm

        Product Weight In Packaging: 11kg

        Power Consumption: 70W

        Maximum Duration Per Session: 30 minutes

        Maximum Surface Temperature: 42.5°C

        Maximum Surface Temperature: 44.5°C

        Electrical Characteristics 24V; 3.75A

        Do not use the Wellbox® 2 device if you have any medical contraindications, or if you have not read this chapter carefully and reviewed the precautions in this guide. Consult your doctor if you have any doubts about the compatibility of your health with the use of the Wellbox® 2 device.

        The Wellbox® 2 device can be used on all healthy external parts of the body, with the exception of the eyes, ears, glottis and genitals.

        The Wellbox® 2 device should not be used on mucous membranes, nipples, the spine or on any suspicious moles/beauty spots without medical advice.

        If you are pregnant, do not use the device on your stomach/abdomen or lower back. Some medical conditions may require the advice of your doctor.

        Do not use theWellbox® 2 device if you have any of the following:

        Epilepsy problems, Blood clotting disorders, Heart problems, Pain or redness, Tingling in the limbs, Phlebitis, varicose veins or if you have undergone an operation on your veins in the previous two months.Fever, infection, inflammation, acute dermatitis, open wounds, recent scars or any serious and/or progressive illness.

        In case of any prolonged use of medications (anti-inflammatories, anticoagulants, antibiotics and antihistamines), consult your doctor before using this device.

        Discontinue treatment if you experience any unexplained pain in your calves. If you experience any side effects related to the Wellbox® 2 treatments during or after use, consult your doctor and contact Wellbox® Customer Service.

        If you have any doubts about the compatibility of your health with the use of the Wellbox® 2 device, consult your doctor.

        Need some help?

        Need some help?

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