• CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set
  • CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set

CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 complete set

Anti-ageing 4-in-1 LED Mask with Anti-Blemish LED Pen Complete Set

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        60-Day Money Back Guarantee

        Fall in love with your CurrentBody Skin device, or your money back.

        60-Day Money Back Guarantee

        We know you’ll get results you can see with your new LED device and that’s why we offer a 60 Day money back guarantee on our CurrentBody Skin LED Device. Use your device for the recommended treatment time. If after this time you are still not satisfied with your skin rejuvenation experience, you can contact us to return the device. We will process your refund once we’ve received the product back, minus a 10% restocking fee to cover return administration. If you wait to request a refund after 60 days have passed, or you haven’t used it for the right frequency, you may not be eligible.

        What you need to know:

        • Featuring the world’s most powerful multi-LED mask designed for different skin concerns
        • Clinically proven to increase skin clarity, luminosity and brightness
        • Give the gift of plumper, fresher and more youthful skin
        • CurrentBody Skin Anti-Blemish LED Pen is a quick fix, just 3 minutes for a spot treatment
        • Combined red and blue LED light therapy treatment on Anti-Blemish LED Pen
        • 36% more effective than blue light alone
        • Calms redness and swelling


        The efficacy of blue light versus the combination of blue and red light therapy in the treatment of acne vulgaris

        Photodermatol Photoimmunol Photomed.2021 Nov;37(6):564-566.doi: 10.1111/phpp.12702.Epub 2021 Jul 16.

        Leila Kharazi1Sahar Dadkhahfar1Hoda Rahimi1Mehdi Gheisari12Nikoo Mozafari12Zohreh Tehranchinia1Affiliationsexpand

        PMID: 34042223 - DOI: 10.1111/phpp.12702

        Anti-ageing is served for flawless skin

        Start your routine with 10 minutes of the CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Face Mask to ‘warm up’ the collagen and elastin fibre. ,Fully flexible and wearable, the mask delivers the perfect dose of dual LED light directly to the skin. It's been made to medical device directives and delivers the same clinically-proven wavelengths as professional salon machines.

        The only precision spot control tech that uses both red and blue light therapy to target bacteria and calm the skin.

        This combination is clinically proven to be 36% more effective at improving acne than blue light alone.

        Clinically proven pairing

        The CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Face Mask delivers 5 clinically proven LED wavelengths through 360 high quality LED bulbs. Red (633nm) and deep red (660nm) light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, creating a plumper, more even skin tone. Near-infrared (830nm) works beneath the skin’s surface to boost blood circulation, giving skin an instant glow.

        Green (532nm) fades hyperpigmentation, dark circles and eye bags. Yellow (590nm) reduces facial redness on the most acne-prone areas. Personalise your sessions with the Restoring, Brightening and Anti-Ageing preset treatments, or enjoy full LED coverage with Zone Facial Mapping to treat different concerns.

        Restore skin’s radiance with this clinically proven combination—no downtime required. Formulated to increase LED light absorption into the cells, the Hydrogel Masks are rich in hyaluronic acid and probiotics to hydrate and soothe skin during LED treatments. The CurrentBody Skin Green Tea Serum is designed specifically to amplify the efficacy of LED light therapy for skin clarity.

        Clinically proven pairing

        The benefits

        Our Anti-Blemish LED Pen uses red and blue light therapy to target every stage of your breakout—from the bacteria that causes the spot to form, to the swelling and redness it leaves behind. It’s a quick fix to clearer skin.

      • Prevents new breakouts, directly kills acne-causing bacteria
      • Reduces redness, calms inflammation
      • Easy to use, one-button activation
      • Portable design, fits in your bag

      • Hold for 3 minutes over the spot. Continue with daily use until the spot disappears.

        The benefits
        Your Questions Answered

        Your Questions Answered

        Our in-house Beauty Expert answers your most common Questions.

        The device is 100% pain free. It does not generate heat and should not feel uncomfortable.

        Certain skincare and makeup can block the LED light from entering the skin. We recommend using the LED mask on clean, product free skin.

        Yes, although any longer than the recommended treatment time isn't proven to be effective.

        Unfortunately the contraindications state that our products cannot be used if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding. This device has NOT been tested on pregnant or breast-feeding women and therefore the risk to the foetus, neonate or pregnant women is unknown.

        Step 1: Conduct a sensitivity test.

        Step 2: Cleanse and dry your skin, then switch on the device. Apply directly to the area you wish to treat, ensuring the light is directed into the skin.

        Step 3: Hold for 3 minutes until you hear the beep, then move onto the next area you wish to treat.

        Step 4: After 15 minutes, the device will automatically switch off. Wipe clean and safely store.

        Step 5: Continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

        Expert Advice: Use 3 to 5 times a week for at least 6 weeks to see best results. Stop the treatment at any time by pressing the button for 2 seconds to switch off the device. Do not use more than once a day on the same spot.

        Blue is the best light therapy for blemishes. When combined with red light therapy, these wavelengths treat mild to moderate blemishes, lowering the skin’s inflammation and preventing scarring.

        Blue light therapy treats mild to moderate blemishes and lowers inflammation, while preventing scarring.

        Blemishes refer to imperfections on the skin, such as discolouration, spots, or marks, caused by various factors like hormonal changes, genetics, stress, skincare, diet, and environment.

        Our Anti-Blemish LED Pen is designed to treat mild to moderate acne, pimples, whiteheads, small cysts or nodules. However, it's not effective for treating pockmarks or indentations from previous spots, nor is it recommended for those with a history of melasma. If you have severe acne, please consult your doctor.

        Please consult your healthcare professional for advice. See our chart here for more information.

        Clogged hair follicles due to excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt, or makeup can cause blemishes, while hormonal changes can increase oil production, leading to pore blockage.

        And while stress alone doesn’t cause blemishes, it can aggravate the symptoms.

        Need some help?

        Need some help?

        Our friendly experts are here to help you to find your perfect beauty device.

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