Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager

5-in-1 foot soak

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    What you need to know

    • Prep for a pedicure, remove tension & pain
    • Reflexology pressure point massage
    • Soothes with LEDs, jets and vibration
    • Add essential oils for aromatherapy
    • Heats up to reduce puffiness
    • Use once per week for a soothing treatment

    2 year warranty Official Rio Retailer

    What CurrentBody thinks

    The Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager is a complete spa pedicure system in a box. With 5 different functions, enjoy the ultimate foot pampering. The Rio Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager first uses heat to keep the water at a nice temperature.

    Then the hydro jets and vibration massage of the Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager soothe tired toes. Next, add the reflexology roller pads to relieve pressure points for less foot tension. Finally, benefit from the aromatherapy diffuser with a few drops of essential oils.

    Add the Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager into your weekly routine for less foot and ankle inflammation, tension, aches and more. Plus, it's the perfect first step before completing your weekly manicure. Just plug it in, fill it up and relax into a foot soak for 15-20 minutes to feel the long-lasting stress-relieving benefits.

    What's Inside

    • Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager
    • UK plug
    • Instructions


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    why it works

    The Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager benefits from 5 different technologies. First, you have heat which is known to reduce inflammation and relax muscle soreness. Then 3 types of massage take hold - jet percussion, vibration and pressure point.

    Lastly, add essential oils to the Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager and layer on aromatherapy to soothe the mind. The Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager is your little oasis in just a few minutes each week. Use it alone or as step one of your weekly pedicure ritual.

    The Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager is easy to move around, clean and store. Just fill it with clean water, turn it on, pick your setting and relax while you watch television or scroll on your phone. Let the Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager soak away your foot inflammation, tension, aches and pains in just 10-20 minutes.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Fill with clean water.

    Step 2: Add essential oils if desired.

    Step 3: Plug in and turn on.

    Step 4: Soak feet for 10-20 minutes.

    Step 5: Unplug, clean and store.

    make it personal

    The Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager is totally customisable for how you need to soak your feet. Press firmly on the rolling reflexology bars for pressure point massage or just let the jets do the work. Add a few drops of essential oils or use with plain filtered water. Regardless, enjoy less tension, aches pains and more with weekly use.

    Additional Information

    Key Features:

    Vibration massage.

    1 massage programme.

    Spa settings include massage only, heat only, heat and massage, heat and bubbles.

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