Sex Tech 101

by Carly Hibbins

• 13 September 2021

Welcome to your crash course in sex tech. We’re talking sex toys, period care and vaginal rejuvenation - all powered by advanced technology. It’s time to put science to work for your pleasure. Learn more about what robotics, sound waves, air pressure, vibration and the like can do to enhance your sex life, sexual health and menstrual cycle.

What is sex tech?

Sex tech is an emerging industry defined by the use of technology to enhance pleasure or sexual health. It includes thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers ranging from the simple bullet vibrator to advanced pelvic floor trainers. The one thing that links all of these products is the science that enables them.

And it’s not just products for vulva owners, male and genderless tech now exists to offer cooperative experiences. While sex tech can become a very broad definition, we’ll be focussing on sex toys, period care and vaginal rejuvenation.

Sex toys

A sex toy is designed to bring pleasure. Cosmopolitan states, “toys can be broken up into a few umbrella categories: clitoral (external) toys, internal vaginal toys, cock rings, blowjob sleeves, and anal toys.” That then breaks down into the form and method of stimulation. Let’s say you wanted a clitoral orgasm, what options are there? You could consider rabbit vibes like the LELO Soraya Wave for added internal stimulation. Small, handheld but powerful clit suckers like the Lora DiCarlo Baci. Or planet-friendly vegan clitoral toys like the Womanizer Premium Eco. With new products entering the market all the time, there’s bound to be a sex toy for absolutely everyone.

Vaginal rejuvenation

It’s a misconception that surgery is the only real way to increase your pelvic floor muscle tone and get back that youthful tightness. It’s a drastic shortcut, really. We all know that Kegels exist but probably don’t do them enough or very well.

In our recent survey, 72% of people said a toned pelvic floor results in better sex That's where Elvie Trainer comes in. It can support strong vaginal muscles by providing bio-feedback on your technique in real-time. With regular use, a pelvic floor trainer can help you develop a more fit vagina and improve the feeling of sexual penetration for you and your partner.

Period care

Period care was all tampons, pads and hot water bottles for decades. Now, innovative sex tech companies are creating eco-friendly alternatives like period panties and smart pain relief devices too. If we all switched to the &SISTERS Nudie Cup, we’d eliminate 4.3 billion pieces of period waste per year in the UK alone. Period care; especially planet-saving products, are gaining traction as new and old female hygiene companies attempt to redefine what the experience is like for millions of vagina owners.

Let’s talk about sex tech, baby

As part of our commitment to normalising sex tech, we’ll be exploring a range of helpful sex tech topics including sex toys and the female body. We’ll talk about menstruation and its impact on our sex life. And we’ll share our recommendations as Beauty Device Experts on what sex tech products you should try. If we normalise conversations about our sexual health and pleasure, we will all benefit.

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