Mother knows beauty devices best: A Mother's Day gift guide

by Carly Hibbins

Beauty • 07 March 2022

The age-old saying goes, ‘mother knows best’. And it’s true. Whether you need a second opinion on a new purchase or just need some straight-talking life advice, our mums (or the mother figure in our lives) are usually the ones we call.

So in honour of Mother’s Day, we asked some of the mums here at CurrentBody which beauty devices were a must-have in their routines. And with their tried and tested recommendations, you can find the perfect beauty gift for the mum-figure in your life too!

Speed: CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector

When Marketing Manager Rachel isn’t navigating nursery runs, she’s heading up an entire marketing department. Which means she wants nothing more than a skincare routine that effortlessly slots into her busy schedule. And for that, she relies on the CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector. Four powerful LED wavelengths deliver a targeted anti-ageing treatment around your eyes in daily 3-minute treatments.

“My eyes have always been my problem area. I’ve tried various creams and serums with no results. This is different; it’s super easy to use, I can see a real difference on my 11s and crow’s feet in a few weeks, and I’m so encouraged to keep going.”

Must-Have: Clarisonic Mia Smart

Having recently returned from maternity leave, Tasha (UK Trading Manager) believes that when it comes to her skincare routine, less is definitely more. She stays loyal to her favourite devices to keep her complexion clear and bright. And the Clarisonic Mia Smart is her daily go-to for cleansing. Clinically proven to cleanse skin 6x better than hands alone, it’s been a saviour for getting her skincare routine back on track.

"I love my Clarisonic! It's really quick and easy to use, I can use it with one hand whilst brushing my teeth with the other, great when the kids are screaming and banging on the door!”

Results: NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit

As Head of Partnerships, Emily’s week usually consists of back-to-back meetings and navigating the tube. So when she does manage to carve some time out for herself, she’s focused on devices that get the job done. That’s where the NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit comes in. Its award-winning microcurrent technology is proven to sculpt, tone, and smooth your skin in just 60 days. And the 5-minute treatments are a bonus, too!

“I love the instant results I get from using my NuFACE. It’s what gives me the motivation to keep using it too. And as the treatments only take 5 minutes, I can fit them into my day much easier than a 10-step skincare routine – I’ve even been known to use it while I’m making my morning coffee!”

Convenience: Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 IPL5124

Angela’s number one hack as a mum is shaving time off her hair removal routine. Braun Silk-Expert Pro Pro 5 IPL5124 uses flashes of light, called intense pulsed light (IPL) technology, to gently heat up hair follicles and stunt hair growth from the root. Meaning that over time, they'll stop growing new hairs.

“You do have to be consistent with your treatments to see results, but it’s 1000% worth it. I can go for 3 months without needing to shave or do another treatment, which is a huge bonus when you have 3 kids and hardly find the time for a few minutes peace, let alone a full-body shave in the bathroom!”

Game-Changer: ZIIP GX Nanocurrent Device

Zubda, one of our resident Beauty Device Experts, spends her day helping customers with all kinds of beauty queries. But when it comes to her own routine, a time-saving device that serves multiple purposes will always make the cut. With 10 treatment modes to plump skin, improve pigmentation and banish breakouts, she swears by the ZIIP GX Nanocurrent Device. And by using one device for all her skincare needs, it means she can claim back an extra few minutes of sleep, too!

“I love this small, powerful beauty tool. This little gadget brings my tired, dull-looking skin and puffy eyes back to life by improving skin texture, tone and giving me a natural glow. It's easy to use and it gives me the option of quick 4-5 minute treatments on the go, or for a real salon treat a full facial taking 20 minutes to complete.”

Routine Reformer: Elvie Double Breast Pump

Our Marketing Manager, Rachel, gave birth to her beautiful little girl Kennedy back in May. She discovered breastfeeding doesn't work out for everyone, and getting started isn't easy. It's something that needs to be learned and takes time and patience. Just like breastfeeding, getting started with Elvie took some learning too. She knew the Elvie Double Breast Pump was the secret to her success would be worth it in the end.

It has been hailed as the world's first silent, wearable breast pump, you're able to slip the slim-fitting pump into a standard nursing bra, making it hands-free and super discreet.

"The Elvie Double Breast Pump could offer me something the rest couldn't. Freedom and choice. The choice to have someone else feed my baby if I wanted and the freedom to choose when and where I pumped without needing to be plugged into the wall."

"Having considered all the important advice from legitimate sources about ensuring feeding was well established and being mindful about confusion, I chose to start pumping to give my baby a bottle of expressed milk after bath time at around 5 weeks. And I'm pleased to report we got off to a good start across the board."

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