How to choose the right FOREO LUNA device

by Jessica Marrazzo

• 01 November 2019

The FOREO LUNA cleansing range has taken the beauty world by storm over the past few years, offering new ways to cleanse and tone our complexions. There are so many options to choose from, it's sometimes hard to narrow down the best FOREO device to meet all your skincare needs.

We've rounded up their key features at a glance, alongside a more in-depth look at what makes them special. Find your perfect fit, with FOREO. 


For clearer skin: LUNA 4

Reduce breakouts and blemishes with bacteria-resistant bristles that lift trapped debris from deep within your pores. In just 60 seconds, remove makeup, excess oil and dirt for clearer, brighter skin.

Add radiance and firmness to your complexion with 5 restorative and invigorating massage modes.

For a quick ‘facelift’ effect: LUNA 3 Plus

Not only does this multi-functional device use heat to deeply cleanse pores, but it also tones, lifts and firms your skin. Energise your facial muscles with app-guided microcurrent massages to tackle the signs of ageing. When in microcurrent mode, simply apply the FOREO conductive serum for optimal results.

For men: LUNA 3 Men

Make shaving easier with less razor burn and a closer, smoother shave with expert massage technology. Utilising Shiatsu, deep tissue, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and trigger point massages, this 2-in-1 cleansing and massaging device creates a firmer, clearer and more even skin tone in just 60 seconds. 

For fuss-free travel: LUNA Mini 3

Achieve radiant and refreshed skin on-the-go with the compact, travel-friendly LUNA Mini 3. The lightweight, ergonomic design easily removes dirt, oil and makeup residue trapped deep within pores.

Using T-Sonic™ Pulsations, the ultra-hygienic silicone touchpoints deliver a powerful cleanse to eliminate breakouts and increase skincare absorption. You’ll be glowing!


Ramp up the radiance with this youth-preserving gel. Lightweight yet potent, this antioxidant-packed formulation increases skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness while increasing massage effectiveness.

Simply apply to dry skin once you’ve finished cleansing, before you begin the firming massage. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

For full-bodycare: LUNA 4 Body Massaging Brush

Integrate this spa-like massaging brush into your daily bodycare routine for clearer, smoother and more radiant skin all over. Powerful massaging technology helps to banish body breakouts, reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth out uneven skin texture.

Clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and oils, this gently exfoliating body brush is more effective than cleansing mitts or hands alone.


Want some support picking the right FOREO LUNA device for you? Our team of Beauty Device Experts are always available to help you decide.

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