3 big reasons to get excited about CurrentBody X FOREO

by Carly Hibbins

Skincare • 27 January 2022

If you’re not hyped about the new FOREO x CurrentBody collab, you should be. We’re forging new skincare territory with our latest partnership and here are 3 big reasons to get excited about the FOREO x CurrentBody drop:

#1 It's a world-first

This is the biggest collab of the year between two of the biggest brands in beauty devices. And it's a world first. Not only does this new bundle provide a unique skincare duo that will truly transform your skin by two merging powerful technologies, but FOREO has never collaborated in this way before.

So, you’re getting access to the very first partnership with one of the biggest beauty device brands - FOREO - and the undisputed leaders in LED - CurrentBody.

#2 Smart cleansing

In this new Cleanse & Brighten Set, the FOREO LUNA™ play smart 2 provides a clean like no other. This smart tech analyses your skin and then customises your cleansing routine each week based on how much moisture is locked in.

When you turn on your device each day, it remembers your skin’s needs for a better cleansing session each time. And that perfectly-clean skin forms the ideal foundation for our powerful CurrentBody Skin LED anti-ageing mask to build on.

#3 Flawless brightening

First we cleanse, then we brighten. CurrentBody Skin's LED Mask is the award-winning, best-selling original flexible LED mask loved by A-listers and influencers alike.

It’s powered on NASA-based light therapy tech and trusted by familiar names like Suki Waterhouse, Renée Zellweger and Gal Gadot to deliver their smooth & plumped skin finish.

Pair our skincare routine game-changer with the FOREO’s perfect clean for salon-grade skincare right at home - all within 15 minutes.

Are you ready to experience the next bright idea in skincare? Pop over to the collab page for more details on our smart beauty tech revolution >

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